Where to eat in Moscow


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as doctors say. But for me it's the most lovely cuz at the morning u can eat what u want and don't be afraid about your shape!
So I really like to start my day at this places:


It's russian word which means "Happiness". That's very beautiful place with amazing view at summer time cuz they have an open terrace and u can enjoy pure sunlight. Menu of breakfast is really nice and everybody will find something for every preferences. Eggs, pancakes, porridge, granola… whatever! That's my favourite place in Moscow =) And also u can buy sweet gifts for your friends cuz they have outstanding candy's brand shop at the entrance:)


Cozy place with a loft style and nice view on a riverfront… what could be better, guys?;)
I advise this place when u start your day at the area of The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Bless u for a good breakfast =)

Scramble Cafe

Waffles paradise! If u want peaceful long breakfast, just u and amazing waffles, u need to visit it:) I promise u will like it! Here u can also find many variations of eggs… But anyways i really recommend u to try waffles here!

Breakfast Club

It's a serious club for breakfast lovers :) I'm kidding about serious but it's really delicious dishes for persons who want to have tasty and nice breakfast.


Mmmmmmm, how much i like this place! So delicious combination of ingredients and finally u get outstanding taste in your mouth! I recommend u a porridge with parmesan (approx 350 rub) and omlette with crab (650 rub). U will visit it and will understand what I'm talking about. So from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm u can enjoy breakfasts there. Main dishes they prepare in a russian stove (which u can see at the open kitchen at the restaurant)


Moscow never sleeps and Cookkareku always has breakfast! That's really true cuz 24 hours 7 days per week this cafe makes breakfast for u! and what I really like they have breakfasts from all country of the Earth=) So if u are a guest of Moscow and miss about your home… come to Сookkareku, order a breakfast from your motherland and be happy!